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Thinking of buying a pre-owned car in Tyler, TX? With used vehicle pricing at an all-time high, finding a good used car dealer close to Tyler is of crucial importance.

We connect car and truck shoppers with dealers, plain and simple. There are 2 principal challenges encountered by every used car buyer: finding the specific vehicle you need and locating a lender to approve your credit. In today’s economy, even men and women who have a good credit score are no longer being accepted for car loans.

That’s the reason we encourage you to get pre-approved for a car loan. Simply submit our secure application, and we will find you the best car lot in our network who can pre-approve you for financing – regardless of your credit history. You can forget trekking from dealer to dealer, trying to find a dealer that wants your business.Click here to apply online.

When Texas Used Car Lots Compete, You Save

Already been approved to finance your car? We can help you save some money when you buy your car by matching up pricing on similar vehicles through up to four competing used car lots in Tyler, TX.

  1. Pick The Car or Truck You’re Looking For
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Down Payments on Pre-owned Autos

Back in the day, down payments were required by finance companies and dealerships both. The reason is straightforward: a downpayment diminishes the chance of negative equity for the debtor and lowers risk for the loan provider. However, these days, no money down car sales have popped up across the country.

Down payments are usually somewhat less critical in relation to used cars and trucks, because they won’t devalue as quickly as new cars. Then again, down payments are almost always advised. With that being said, a number of used car lots in Tyler, TX, won’t require a downpayment.