Tips for Traveling Business Men

Traveling can be stressful on its own, even when it is for a vacation. However, when you add business into the mix, it can add a whole new layer to the planning required for your trip. Business does not stop because you forgot something and need to run to the store, or even worse you […]

James Packard Takes the Packard on its Inaugural Spin November 6, 1899

Engineer James Packard took his Packard on its first drive 113 years ago this November 6. The Packard Model A came about due to the frustration that J. Packard experienced with his Winston car. Fed up with a poorly-performing vehicle, Packard wrote to the Cleveland-based car-making firm, Winston, with a list of suggestions. In response, […]

Ten Cool Cars For Less Than $18,000

Trying to find the right car can be a major headache. You are looking for the right mix of safety, practicality, and fun. Most cars can be heavy on one aspect and miss the mark by a mile in others. Here are ten cool cars built in 2011 that cost less than $18,000 and still […]

Radioactive Cars Hit The Market

Have you ever wondered if car dealers are a bunch of sharks everywhere in the world or if it is uniquely an American phenomenon? Here is your answer. Since they are no longer able to ship many used cars to Russia, South America, Australia, or the US because of high levels of radioactivity due to […]