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Ford Drops Fuel MPG Ratings for C-Max Hybrid

Ford Motor Co. has voluntarily knocked three miles off of the 2013 C-Max hybrid’s mile per gallon rating to drop it to a depressing 43 mpg combined. The American carmaker has also said that it will make goodwill payments to those who have already bought the misrepresented vehicle. This is not the first time that […]

Nissan Leaf Getting Battery Upgrade Option

Nissan Motor Co. has announced that it will soon offer a lithium-ion battery upgrade to owners of the Nissan Leaf hatchback in America.    The upgrade option will let owners opt out of the current guarantee that the Yokohama, Japan-based carmaker will either replace or repair Leaf battery packs whose performance drops below a set level […]

Tesla Motors to Repay Fed Loans This Week

Tesla Motors is claiming a victory that other electric vehicle motors and General Motors, the repayment of loans received by the U.S. government. Tesla’s Chief Executive Elon Musk took to Twitter on Monday to tweet, “Given govt loan repayment this week (prob Wed), Supercharger update will be next week.” A week ago, Tesla announced that […]

Tesla Motors Launches, New, Improved Charging Network

Tesla Motors is doing all that it can to bring the electric car into the average person’s garage. Its latest salvo against the weaknesses holding back the nationwide adoption of the electric vehicle is the expansion of the electric carmaker’s charging station network. Currently, Tesla’s charging network is made up of eight supercharging stations. Clearly, […]

Chevrolet Adds Two New Colors to the 2014 Volt, Taking Orders

The Chevy Volt, the little electric car that could and can, is now offering offspring from fourth litter, cars from the 2014 model year. Additionally, its newest edition will be offered in two new colors, Ashen Grey Metallic and Brownstone Metallic. Other than the pair of new metallic colors, rumors are that the Chevy Volt […]

Charging Networks Sputtering Across America

Electric charging networks are struggling to remain solvent as electric vehicles fail to sell as many have projected and as those who do go green choose to charge their electric cars at home rather than at public charging stations. Pike Research says that up to 90 percent of electric car charging is done at home. […]

Saving Gas, Reducing Pollution with Engine Stop-Start Systems

Carmakers are adopting stop-start systems at a quick rate. Designed to turn off a vehicle’s engine when it is idling and then automatically and immediately start it up again once the accelerator pedal is pressed or the brake or clutch pedal is released, stop-start systems increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency while at the same time […]

Nissan TeRRA: The Off-Road Hydrogen-Powered Concept

Image Credit:  MotorTrend Nissan says it has done the impossible: created a green-friendly vehicle that also tears it up off road through snow, mud and sand. The Nissan TeRRA concept is a hydrogen fuel-cell stack-powered urban SUV that is fitted with a 107-horsepower motor to power its front wheels and a pair of in-wheel electric […]

Big Problem: Chevy Volt Costs $90K to Build, Sells for $40K!

The good news: the Chevrolet Volt set a sales record in August. The bad news: it doesn’t matter for General Motors’ Volt ledger remains in the red. Many industry observers and manufacturing mullahs believe that it costs GM $89,000 to make each Volt. Since the American automaker sells the Volt for about $40,000 a pop, […]