Car Buying Tips

GM Tops in J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey. I know, Right?

Who’d have thunk it, huh? General Motors Co. has earned the top ranking in the most recent J.D. Power initial quality survey. In fact, GM performed so well in the survey that all of its brands did better that the industry average. Overall, America’s largest carmaker’s cars and trucks took home eight awards at the […]

Don’t Destroy Your Car with These Four Add-Ons!

Aftermarket add-ons can be fun. Aftermarket add-ons can be fatal. If you are looking to up your ride’s game with add-ons, you have got to make sure you do not go with any that, tempting though they may be, can ruin your ride. The first aftermarket add-on to avoid is the poorly-designed intake. Though intakes […]

Consumer Reports: Fuel Economy #1 Auto-Buying Factor

According to the Consumer Reports, fuel efficiency is the number one car-buying factor shoppers have in mind as they are looking at vehicles to purchase. Thirty-seven percent of the respondents to the survey done by the Consumer Reports National Research Center said that fuel economy was the top car-buying consideration. This factor was more than […]

Avoiding a Rebuilt-Wreck of a Used Car

We all love deals. We get a thrill out of finding the proverbial diamond in the rough. However, we cannot let our hunger for a deal snooker us into a buying a lemon from which no aide can be squeezed. Being higher-dollar and hard-to-assess items, used cars are especially dangerous for the bargain hunter. The […]

America’s Most Reliable P.O. Cars: J.D. Power

While the previously-owned car market continues to speed along strong and healthy as a seller’s market, an educated consumer can still find a quality used car that will serve him or her for years to come. To help buyers navigate this sometimes confusing market, J.D. Powers has ranked the nation’s most dependable previously-owned cars. Surprising […]

50% Off Cars in eBay Promo

Quick clicking buyers are gobbling up new cars at prices as low as 50% off in a joint promotion between the online seller AutoNation and the online auction giant eBay Motors. In total, there are 29 new vehicles from General Motors, Ford and Nissan that are being auctioned. Four of the vehicles are being auctioned […]

Watch Out for Yo-Yo Financing

There is no doubt that buying a car can be a time of great excitement, confusion and even apprehension. After all, purchasing a vehicle is much more than just getting a new set of wheels to tool about town in. No, when you buy a car, you are usually also signing up for a lengthy […]

10 Costliest Vehicles…at the Pump

Forbes Magazine, the publication that knows all things money and business, has released another one of its car lists. However, this one was not made to scratch the penny-pincher where she itches, but rather to stoke the desire that beats within the red, white and blue heart of the lover of the large car. This […]

Tips on Maintaining Your Older Car

Guess the age of the average car on America’s roads these days. Did you guess something around 10.8 years? Well, that is the average age of the average vehicle on the average road in the U.S. according to a R.L. Polk, a research firm. Another survey, found that well over half of us, 64 percent […]

Used Car Bargains Still Exist

We keep seeing articles about how used car prices continue to rise, and are only expected to go higher.  So are there any good values left out there in the used-car market?  The answer is yes, but you have to do a bit more digging than you used to. The brands you would expect, such […]