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What is the average fico score in Erie, PA? It’s 696, yet even so, 8% of Pennsylvania’s residents have a credit score between 550 and 599.

Buy here pay here dealers in Erie, Pennsylvania can help shoppers who need to buy a car with setbacks like repossessions, bankruptcies, or even foreclosures on their records. Unfortunately, the majority of banks will reject candidates who have situations such as these.

How It Works: In House Financing in PA

You may be curious about just how these dealerships are able to provide financing when conventional loan providers can’t. For starters, you need to know how an old-fashioned dealer does financing. To put it succinctly, the car lot develops a partnership with a selection of loan creditors. After you get approved, the lending company actually buys the vehicle, and your payments go to the car finance company. Since PA buy here pay here dealers approve car financing directly, they evade the rigid credit guidelines required by typical banks. Of course, this enables them to focus on a wider selection of shoppers.

Erie PA Buy Here Pay Here
Poor Credit OK!

But wait! Is tote the note financing really your most suitable option? There are plenty of car lenders who deal with the subprime demographic. In actual fact, these car loans companies may have better APR rates, cheaper down payments, and a better chance to repair your credit. After all, in house financing dealers do have their downsides:

  • High Loan Rates
  • Larger Down Payment
  • No Opportunity to Improve Your Credit

Why don’t you let us pinpoint which of the car finance companies is right for your needs? Just submit your application, and our advanced software will find the dealership or loan company that meets your needs, based on the following:

  • Your City
  • Your Credit History
  • Amount You Can Put Down

Buying a Buy Here Pay Here Car: How Much Should You Budget?

People who live in Erie, PA, on average, make $13,951 each year. You shouldn’t commit more than 10% of every dollar you take home on automotive-related payments. This translates to $1,395. Additionally, $723 should be subtracted from this total to account for the yearly cost of auto insurance in Erie, Pennsylvania. This means $672 to spend, which comes out to $56.00 monthly. Avoid having to spend more than this amount, as you will end up straining your financial situation well beyond what is healthy for your fiscal well-being.

Used Cars in Erie, PA to Avoid

When it comes to selecting the particular make/model you are going to buy, there are a handful of autos you might want to avoid. Why? Because these autos are the most common targets of thieves in Pennsylvania.

  • 1994 Honda Accord
  • 1995 Honda Civic
  • 1991 Toyota Camry
  • 1994 Dodge Caravan
  • 1995 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

BHPH and Used Car Dealers: Erie PA

  • Barber Jack D Autos. 3701 W 12th St. ZIP: 16505
  • Bianchi Mitsubishi. 5305 Peach St. ZIP: 16509
  • Arrowsmith Automotive. 1310 W 38th St. ZIP: 16508
  • Cooks Auto Sales & Service. 5675 Wattsburg Rd. ZIP: 16509
  • Bayview Auto Sales Inc. 2602 West 12th St. ZIP: 16505
  • Bianchi Honda. 8430 Peach Street. ZIP: 16508
  • Bob’s Irresistible Auto Sales. 2603 Perry. ZIP: 16504
  • Direct Auto Network. 4055 West 12th Street. ZIP: 16505
  • Deluca’s Tim Auto Sales Inc. 2670 West 12. ZIP: 16505
  • Bargain Auto Sales. 2817 Buffalo Road. ZIP: 16510
  • Anthony’s Auto Sales. 1602 Pittsburgh Avenue. ZIP: 16505
  • Cherry Street Auto Sales. 563 West 26. ZIP: 16504
  • Bizzarro’s Used Cars. 5462 Peach Street. ZIP: 16509
  • Brown AV Auto Sales & Service. 1302 West 26th Street. ZIP: 16508
  • Elite Motor Car. 129 East 26. ZIP: 16504
  • Erie Auto Sales. 1435 Buffalo Road. ZIP: 16503
  • Bayview Auto Sales Inc. 2602 West 12th Street. ZIP: 16505
  • Discount Auto Sales. 2004 Rudolph Avenue. ZIP: 16502
  • Bob’s Service & Sales. 1001 East Av. ZIP: 16503
  • Contemporary Motorcar. 4910 Peach St. ZIP: 16509
  • Auto Express Isuzu. 10320 Wattsburg Rd. ZIP: 16509
  • Car Factory. 50 East 26th Street. ZIP: 16504
  • Bayfront Automotive Inc. 3041 West 26th Street. ZIP: 16506
  • Ford Rent-A-Car System. 2502 W 26th St. ZIP: 16421
  • O’Baker’s Mini Self Storage. 5520 W Ridge Rd. ZIP: 923
  • Gary K’s Auto Sales. 3407 Peach St. ZIP: 923
  • Bianchi Honda. 8430 Peach St. ZIP: 923
  • Patriot Motors USA. 1223 W 28th St. ZIP: 16509
  • New Motors Kia – New & Used Cars. 8670 Peach St. ZIP: 16509
  • Lakeside Auto Sales & Service. 4844 Buffalo Rd. ZIP: 16509