Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in Lawrenceville (GA)

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in Lawrenceville GA
Find The Right In House Financing Car Dealer in Lawrenceville - Online!

So you want to buy a car in Georgia, no bank loan needed? It’s easier than you think!

Old fashioned banking institutions and loan companies, lamentably, cannot grant auto financing to people in Lawrenceville, GA with troubles such as:

  • Adverse Credit
  • Insolvency
  • Foreclosure
  • Repo
  • Overdue Bills

Buy here pay here car lots in Lawrenceville, GA, however, make it possible for consumers to get secondhand cars and trucks with month to month repayments, no matter their credit history. These dealerships put the focus on take-home pay versus credit score. If you’ve got the net income to cover the repayments, they are able to overlook your personal credit history. Often you can distinguish these dealers just by their marketing slogans, for instance: We Tote The Note, We Finance, or Your Job is Your Credit.

Buy here pay here financing does have its downsides. Above all, there are the elevated car loan rates. This could cost you a ton of money if you finance your vehicle for 5-plus years.

So if your credit rating is sufficient, it’s recommended to get your car through a car dealer that helps clients who have bad credit without demanding such high interest fees. We have partnered up with the finest poor credit lending companies and buy here pay here car dealers in Lawrenceville, Georgia to offer you the best suited finance package for your credit, income, and other factors. As soon as you submit our easy contact form, sophisticated data-matching software connects you with the most suitable dealer or lender in Lawrenceville GA for you. There are no costs, zero commitments, and no headaches.

Here’s a fairly simple computation of the amount the average Lawrenceville driver should allocate toward his or her used car.

GA Stats:


  • Wages

  • Auto Budget (Annual)

  • Insurance Cost (Annually)

  • Insurance Cost (Per Month)

  • Leftover Budget (Each Month)

  • $30,518

  • $3,052

  • $1,043

  • $87

  • $167.42

Pre-owned Vehicles in Lawrenceville, GA to Avoid

When it comes to used vehicles, you may choose to keep away from a couple different cars and trucks. Why? Because these autos are the most common targets of thieves in Georgia, specifically. These are the 1994 Honda Accord, 1994 Honda Civic, 2004 Ford F150 Pickup, 1994 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee, 1990 Chevrolet 4x2Pickup, 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass, 2002 Ford Explorer, 2000 Dodge Caravan, 1999 Ford Taurus, and 1997 Toyota Camry .

Inspecting Your Used Car Prior To The Sale

It really is essential to have any pre-owned car you want to purchase examined by a third party technician. Typically, this will cost you approximately a hundred bucks. On account of insurance considerations, many buy here pay here car lots in Lawrenceville, GA, don’t allow the automobile to be taken from their lot. Fortunately, there are now mobile inspection specialists that can turn up at the car dealership to conduct their evaluation.

Used and BHPH Car Dealers: Lawrenceville GA

  • Carland Auto Store. 409 Buford Dr. ZIP: 30046
  • Auto Plaza. 508 Buford Dr. ZIP: 30046
  • All About Sales LLC. 1211 Lochshyre Way. ZIP: 30043
  • D J Auto Sales and Service. 3516 Lawrenceville Hwy. ZIP: 30044
  • Alpine Motor Company. 249 Grayson Hwy. ZIP: 30046
  • Drive Now. 255 Langley Drive. ZIP: 30045
  • A & D Auto Sales Inc. 269 Buford Drive. ZIP: 30045
  • Car Solutions. 2785 Lawrenceville Highway. ZIP: 30044
  • Cars of Gwinnett. 2044 Lawrenceville Highway. ZIP: 30044
  • D’Carlot. 400 Buford Drive. ZIP: 30045
  • George’s Auto Sales & Service Inc. 606 West Crogan Street. ZIP: 30045
  • 29 Auto Mart. 2550 Lawrenceville Highway. ZIP: 30044
  • Evan’s Car & Parts Inc. 465 Maltbie Street Suite 309. ZIP: 30045
  • Klassy KARS. 87 Hurricane Shoals Road. ZIP: 30045
  • Ford Ronald Used Cars Inc. 919 North Clayton Street. ZIP: 30045
  • Lawrenceville Auto Sales Inc. 45 East Crogan Street. ZIP: 30045
  • B & G Auto. 401 Pike Boulevard. ZIP: 30045
  • Gwinnett Motor CO. 555 West Crogan Street. ZIP: 30045
  • Greason Morris Used Cars. 591 Buford Drive. ZIP: 30045
  • Burson Tire Company. 879 North Clayton Street. ZIP: 30045
  • Benny’s Auto Collision & Sales Inc. 65 East Crogan Street. ZIP: 30045
  • Duluth Motor Cars. 1392 Pleasant Hill Road. ZIP: 30044
  • Hayes Chrysler Dodge Jeep. 719 West Pike Street. ZIP: 30043
  • D’S Used Tires. 533 West Crogan Street. ZIP: 30045
  • Triple M Motors. 333 Swanson Dr, #129. ZIP: 30024
  • A & A Motorsports Incorporated. 140 Hurricane Shoals Rd Ne. ZIP: 30519
  • A & D Auto Sales Incorporated. 269 Buford Dr. ZIP: 30519
  • AR Motor Sports. 1004 Lawrenceville Hwy. ZIP: 30011
  • Colonial Buick Pontiac GMC. 850 Collins Hill Rd. ZIP: 30011
  • Nash, Chevrolet. . ZIP: 30039
  • All Drive Auto Credit. 582 W Pike St. ZIP: 30039
  • Arcangel Auto Brokers Incorporated. 351 Buford Dr. ZIP: 30039
  • Hayes Chrysler Dodge Jeep. . ZIP: 30039
  • Spare Investments. 77 E Pike St. ZIP: 30039