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On average, the credit rating among Fort Myers, FL citizens is 673. Nevertheless, specialists state that as many as one in five inhabitants is tormented by a 600 FICO rating or lower. That is 51,283 men and women!

Fort Myers, FL buy here pay here car lots work with men and women who’ve got complications like repossessions, bankruptcies, or even foreclosures in their past. Sadly, the vast majority of traditional financial institutions will turn down candidates who have problems like these.

What Does Buy Here Pay Here Mean to Fort Myers Residents?

Perhaps you are interested in knowing just how such dealers can grant auto loans when regular loan companies can’t. You will find that most used car lots in Fort Myers basically use outside agencies for the financing part of the equation. When you get your loan approval, the lending company in reality acquires the automobile, and your installment payments go to the finance company. Seeing as buy here pay here dealers in Fort Myers, FL, grant auto loan financing in house, they are able to avoid the rigid credit requirements imposed by normal loan providers. This expands their prospect base while improving your odds of acceptance.

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Does tote the note financing seem to be your one and only alternative? You might be surprised. Because, to be fair, buy here pay here dealerships in Fort Myers, FL do have their downsides:

  • Elevated Rates Of Interest
  • Expensive Down Payments
  • Little Chance to Restore Your Credit

Why not let us assess which financing option is most beneficial for your needs?

This is what you have to do to get going:

  1. Apply Online.
  2. Wait While Being Matched to the Ideal Dealer or Lender.
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Car Payments With A Low Credit Score

The following is a simple breakdown of what amount the typical Fort Myers motorist should allocate toward his or her used car or truck.

Fort Myers Statistics…


  • Average Income

  • Auto Budget (Yearly)

  • Budget (Monthly)

  • $23,279

  • $2,328

  • $194

Honestly, this chart is a little too simple. You also have to look into how much car insurance coverage, gas, and servicing is going to cost you.



  • Auto Insurance

  • Gas Prices

  • Maintenance

  • $1,140 Per Year

  • $2.76 a Gallon as of 2008

  • $.0442 Per Mile (Medium Sedan)

No Credit Check: Good Idea?

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Lots of the buy here pay here dealerships in Fort Myers, FL, make a big fuss over the fact that they don’t do credit rating checks. However, were you aware that zero credit check typically equals no ability to rebuild your credit scores? This is due to the fact that, to be able to fix your credit rating, you need to show that you’re able to settle the money you owe. But the credit agencies in charge are basically oblivious of payments not filed with them.

Chances are, a dealership does not file anything with the credit bureaus if they never pull your credit report from the start.

Although a credit check may lessen your fico scores a little at first, it often means you can fix your credit score in the long run. Many of the car dealerships in our network file with the credit agencies.

Used Car Buying Checklist

Get the car or truck scrutinized by an automotive mechanic you hire. Ask for the car or truck’s service record. Try out the car under as many differing types of roads as is feasible, for instance inclines, highways, and city traffic. Look into costs related to upkeep on the specific car or truck and on car websites. Double check whether or not the car or truck has been at the center of any safety problems and/or factory recalls. If so, make sure the problems have been properly repaired. You can visit gives information on recalls. Get an automotive history report from a respected specialist such as CarFax.

Used and BHPH Car Dealers: Fort Myers FL

  • Auto World of Fort Myers Inc. 4105 Fowler St. ZIP: 33901
  • American Auto Sales. 2250 Cleveland Ave. ZIP: 33901
  • Another Chance. 3621 Cleveland Ave. ZIP: 33901
  • Doctor Sparkle. 13740 S Tamiami Trail. ZIP: 33912
  • City of Palms Automotive Inc. 3445 Palm Beach Boulevard. ZIP: 33916
  • City Auto Sales LLC. 3264 Cleveland Avenue. ZIP: 33901
  • DJW Auto Inc. 1952 Dana Drive. ZIP: 33907
  • D E Foeller Sales. 3154 Palm Beach Boulevard. ZIP: 33916
  • Blue and White Motors Inc. 2407 Fowler Street. ZIP: 33901
  • Denny’s Auto Sales. 4829 Palm Beach Boulevard. ZIP: 33905
  • Bob Wright’s Easy Keys. 220 Pine Island Road. ZIP: 33903
  • Colonial Suzuki. 2320 Colonial Boulevard. ZIP: 33907
  • Crown Auto Sales. 1140 North Tamiami Trail. ZIP: 33903
  • AMS Auto Sales. 5200 Palm Beach Boulevard. ZIP: 33905
  • Drake Motor Company. 4264 Fowler Street. ZIP: 33901
  • Dodge Used Cars Gulf Coast Dodge. 15565 South Tamiami Trail. ZIP: 33908
  • Denny’s Auto Sales. 3714 Fowler Street. ZIP: 33901
  • Bill Branch Chevrolet. 3980 Fowler Street. ZIP: 33901
  • Auto Finders of SW FL Inc – Service Department. 2733 Fowler Street. ZIP: 33901
  • BMW of Fort Myers. 13950 South Tamiami Trail. ZIP: 33912
  • CARZ. 14290 North Cleveland Avenue. ZIP: 33903
  • AXCO of Florida. 17100 Safety Street. ZIP: 33908
  • Accent Auto Sales Inc. 2808 Fowler Street. ZIP: 33901
  • D & A Enterprises Inc. 2335 Crystal Drive. ZIP: 33907
  • Classic Cars of Florida. 14985 South Tamiami Trail. ZIP: 33912
  • Blue Sky Auto Sales Inc. 3253 Fowler Street. ZIP: 33901
  • Condos’ Auto Sales. 15560 McGregor Boulevard Suite 2. ZIP: 33908
  • Action Motors. 3302 Palm Beach Boulevard. ZIP: 33916
  • Belair Auto Export. 3671 Palm Beach Boulevard. ZIP: 33916
  • Autorama Auto Sales. 4356 Palm Beach Boulevard. ZIP: 33905
  • Cartran. 5645 Youngquist Road. ZIP: 33912
  • Auto Credit. 3945 Palm Beach Boulevard. ZIP: 33916
  • Autoquest of SW Florida Inc. 14498 South Tamiami Trail. ZIP: 33912
  • Cherry Cars Inc. 3476 Fowler Street. ZIP: 33901
  • Carroll Properties. 12934 Kenwood Lane. ZIP: 33907
  • Auto Brokers of Fort Myers. 16210 San Carlos Boulevard. ZIP: 33908
  • Car & Trucks for Less. 13828 Palm Beach Boulevard. ZIP: 33905
  • Advanced Automotive Professionals Inc. 12640 McGregor Boulevard. ZIP: 33919
  • Drive 1. 19561 South Tamiami Trail. ZIP: 33908
  • Custom Auto Brokers. 4901 Drive Martin Luther Kin Ofc. ZIP: 33905
  • Germain Auto Advantage. 8900 Colonial Center Dr. ZIP: 33905
  • Wallace International Incorporated. 2761 Edison Ave. ZIP: 33905
  • Cherry Cars Incorporated. 3426 Palm Beach Blvd. ZIP: 33905
  • Rick’s Cars for Less LLC. 92 Mildred Dr. ZIP: 923
  • Coral Palm Auto Sales. 3476 Fowler St. ZIP: 923
  • Val Ward Cadillac. 12626 S Cleveland Ave. ZIP: 34134
  • Volkswagen of Fort Myers. 14060 S Tamiami Trl. ZIP: 34134
  • Infiniti of Ft Myers. 14990 S Tamiami Trl. ZIP: 34134
  • Sutherlin Nissan. 13985 S Tamiami Trl. ZIP: 34134
  • Rose Motorsports Incorporated. 2323 Bruner Ln. ZIP: 34134
  • Enterprise Car Sales. 4770 S Cleveland Ave. ZIP: 33904
  • Galeana Chrysler Jeep Kia. 14375 S Tamiami Trl. ZIP: 34134
  • Val Ward Cadillac. 12626 S Tamiami Trl. ZIP: 34134
  • Honda of Fort Myers. 14020 S Tamiami Trl. ZIP: 34134
  • Dixie Buick GMC Inc Ask for Jim Shipman. 14565 S Tamiami Trl. ZIP: 34134
  • Honda of Ft Myers Used Cars. 13950 S Tamiami Trl. ZIP: 34134
  • Galeana Kia. 14483 S Tamiami Trl. ZIP: 34134
  • Suzuki of Ft Myers. . ZIP: 33904
  • Volvo of Fort Myers. 2600 Colonial Blvd. ZIP: 33904
  • C & C Auto Sales. 2335 Crystal Dr.
  • E Biz Autos. 12331 Towne Lake Dr, #6.