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Florida motorists put approximately 10,837 miles on their vehicles yearly, and yet 1,504,105 of Florida’s residents have a credit score between 550 and 600.

Car dealers that can grant buy here pay here car loans in Florida are known to help individuals who need car loans with 600 credit ratings and less. Alas, the vast majority of banking institutions will reject loan seekers who have situations such as these without the slightest hesitation.

Buy here pay here car lots in Florida, in contrast, enable shoppers to pay for automobiles with monthly installment payments – without regard to their overall credit score. These car lots place the main focus on current finances as opposed to credit. If you have the net income to afford your installment payments, they’re happy to ignore your credit standing. Often you can recognize these dealers through their promotional messaging, for instance: We Tote The Note, We Finance Everyone, or Your Job is Your Credit.

Subprime Auto Financing Vs. In House Car Loans

Florida Buy Here Pay Here
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Merely because your credit score has seen better days does not mean you must choose a buy here pay here car loan. There are several loan companies that serve the non-prime customer base. Believe it or not, these car finance lenders may offer:

  1. Greater Chances of Improving Your Credit
  2. Lesser Down Payments
  3. Better Annual Percentage Rates

Because, to be fair, in house financing car lots have their shortcomings: higher than average annual percentage rates, big down payments, and little chance to restore your credit ratings.

Here’s the good news: in house financing dealerships are not the only lenders to which we grant you access.

To get started, here’s what you need to do:

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Your Automobile Budget: How Much To Spend

Here is a fairly simple computation of exactly how much an average Florida motorist should allocate toward his or her used car or truck.

FL Averages…


  • Income

  • Auto Budget (Annually)

  • Insurance Cost (Annual)

  • Insurance Cost (Per Month)

  • Leftover Budget (Per Month)

  • $39,746

  • $3,975

  • $1,140

  • $95

  • $236.25

Used Cars in Florida to Avoid

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When it comes to used vehicles, you might want to avoid a few cars. How come? Because these autos are the most common targets of thieves in Florida.

  1. 2000 Honda Civic
  2. 1996 Honda Accord
  3. 1990 Toyota Camry
  4. 2006 Ford F150 Pickup
  5. 2004 Dodge Ram Pickup

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