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Colorado car owners put approximately 9,689 miles on their cars each year, yet even so, 5% of the city’s men and women are struggling with a credit score between 500 and 550.

Conventional financing companies and banking institutions, regrettably, will not extend vehicle financing to customers in Wheat Ridge, CO with a low credit score.

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In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, buy here pay here is often known as in house financing. To start, you ought to know how automobile financing works at regular car dealerships. In a nut-shell, car dealerships associate themselves with specific creditors. The lender establishes the credit rating criteria. Given that buy here pay here car lots in Wheat Ridge, CO, grant auto loans directly, they are able to avoid the tough credit requirements made by standard loan merchants. That makes it simpler for you to get a used car or truck when you have a low credit score, and easier for them to offer vehicles to the 21,237 residents of Wheat Ridge who’ve got a sub 600 credit score.

In house financing does have its disadvantages. Most notably, there are the costly interest rates. Gradually, this can certainly add up to a lot of money.

If you learn that your credit rating is sufficiently good it’s advisable to purchase your new vehicle through a car lot or loan provider that works with individuals who have below-average credit without charging you such pricey rates of interest. Car Lots USA has joined up with the leading bad credit lending companies and in house financing car dealers in Wheat Ridge, CO to provide you with the right financing given your credit, income, and other factors. Once you complete our simple contact form, state-of-the-art technology matches you to the best dealer for you. The advantages are wide ranging:

  • Speedy Acceptance
  • No Charges
  • Reduced APR Rates

Let’s look at a straightforward calculation of what amount an average Wheat Ridge resident ought to commit to their used car or truck.

CO Stats…


  • Income

  • Car Budget (Yearly)

  • Cost of Insurance (Annual)

  • Cost of Insurance (Monthly)

  • Remaining Budget (Each Month)

  • $32,363

  • $3,236

  • $800

  • $67

  • $203.00

Purchasing a Pre-owned Vehicle in Wheat Ridge, CO: Guidelines

Check out the vehicle using an inspection sheet like the kind available online. Hire an auto mechanic to check the car or truck. Ask to see the auto’s service documentation. When you go on the test drive, try to drive under as many distinctive types of roads as is feasible. Research costs related to servicing and on car sites. Assess whether or not the car has been linked to any safety issues or factory recalls. If so, always make sure the issues have been properly resolved. Pick up an automotive history report from a reputable company. Also, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) maintains a free database that includes flood damage and other information so people can investigate a car