Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in Fort Collins (CO)

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in Fort Collins CO
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Car owners in Fort Collins, CO put approximately 9,689 miles on their cars per year, yet even so, 5% of the city’s residents are struggling with a credit score of 500 to 550.

Car dealerships who can offer in-house car loans in Fort Collins, CO can accomodate people who have complications such as very bad credit, bankruptcy, or even repossession. Most banks will decline candidates with hardships such as these.

Used car lots in CO with buy here pay here financing, on the other hand, allow buyers to finance secondhand vehicles in per month repayments – regardless of their credit rating. These dealers emphasize net income over credit. Should you have the ability to afford your installments, they’re prepared to put aside your history of credit. This is why they are becoming more popular then ever with the current economy.

Fort Collins CO Buy Here Pay Here
Poor Credit OK!

Wait! Is BHPH financing really the right way to go? Because, to be fair, in house financing car lots have got a few key shortcomings: substantial interest rates and substantial down payments, in addition to minimal chance to repair your credit ranking.

Why not allow us to determine which financing option is best? Just complete our simple web form, and our state-of-the-art software will connect you to the dealer or loan provider who best fits your needs, considering your credit score, location, and down payment.

Income and Monthly Payments

The people of Fort Collins, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (, make $27,863 yearly. Experts recommend shelling out no greater than one-tenth of your annual income on car-related expenses. For the people of Fort Collins, this comes down to $2,786. Of course, this does not include the cost of:

  1. Other Autos
  2. Insurance
  3. Gas
  4. Servicing (4.54 cents per mile, on average. Source: AAA)

This ought to be sufficient money to finance a pre-owned vehicle, even when you have poor credit.

Used Vehicles You Don’t Want to Buy

If purchasing a pre-owned car, there are a handful of automobiles you might want to avoid. Here are the most stolen autos in Colorado. Here they are: the 1995 Honda Accord, 1999 Honda Civic, 1999 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee, 1990 Toyota Camry, and 1995 Acura Integra.

Auto Loans with No Credit Check in Fort Collins, CO

Lots of the buy here pay here dealerships in Fort Collins, CO, make a big fuss over the fact that they do not perform credit score checks. If a dealer does not perform a credit check, it’s likely that they will not report your debt repayment to the 3 leading credit bureaus:

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • Transunion

This is often bad. You got it. To be able to restore your credit ratings, you need to show that you can pay off your debts. But the credit reporting agencies largely depend on the lenders to report debt repayment to them. The majority of in house financiers who refrain from checking your credit similarly don’t send your payment to Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. This is why any small decrease in your credit ranking is usually well worth the potential boost in your credit rating. Nearly all of the dealers we work with send data to the credit reporting agencies.

Used and BHPH Car Dealers: Fort Collins CO

  • Spight Auto Sales. 935 N College Ave. ZIP: 80524
  • All About Autos. 1235 N College Ave. ZIP: 80524
  • Professional Auto Brokers LLC. 4730 S College Ave #203. ZIP: 80525
  • Legacy Auto Sales Inc. 1845 North College Avenue. ZIP: 80524
  • Dellenbach Motors Collision Center. 3111 South College Avenue. ZIP: 80525
  • Spradley Barr Ford. 4809 South College Avenue. ZIP: 80525
  • Import Auto Service. 407 Riverside Avenue. ZIP: 80524
  • Maztech Inc. 450 Industrial Drive. ZIP: 80524
  • J & M Precision Automotive. 425 North College Avenue. ZIP: 80524
  • Mile High Car Company. 938 North College Avenue. ZIP: 80524
  • Rudy’s Star Service. 6322 South College Avenue. ZIP: 80525
  • Pedersen Toyota. 4455 S College Ave. ZIP: 80525
  • Riverside Imports. 835 Riverside Avenue. ZIP: 80524
  • North College Motors. 1800 North College Avenue. ZIP: 80524
  • Trammell’s Automotive Service and Repair. 1912 Terry Lake Road. ZIP: 80524
  • European Motor Cars. 505 Riverside Avenue. ZIP: 80524
  • A and Z Import Auto. 1209 East Mulberry Street. ZIP: 80524
  • Steve’s Cars. 1401 East Mulberry Street. ZIP: 80524
  • Cactus Hill Auto Sales. 3221 East Mulberry Street. ZIP: 80524
  • AL Bugs ME. 3525 East Mulberry Street. ZIP: 80524
  • Highline Motors. 4315 South Mason Street. ZIP: 80525
  • Auto Integrity. 7704 South College Avenue. ZIP: 80525
  • Gonzales Auto Sales. 418 South Summit View Drive. ZIP: 80524
  • Mulberry Automotive Center. 1331 East Mulberry Street. ZIP: 80524
  • A & Z Import Auto. 1209 E Mulberry St. ZIP: 923
  • AL Bugs ME. 3525 E Mulberry St. ZIP: 80512
  • Centennial Leasing & Sales. 4730 S College Ave, #102. ZIP: 80547
  • Tynan’s Fort Collins Nissan Inc – New & Used Cars. 5811 S College Ave. ZIP: 80512
  • Dellenbach Cadillac. 125 W Swallow Rd. ZIP: 80512