The Fastest Selling Cars in the USA

We all know that the cars are selling at the quickest clip they have since the recession hit the US five years ago. But, do we know which cars are selling the fastest in America? Probably not.

But, now you can. They are:
The seventh fastest selling vehicle in the US is the Ram Pickup truck. In August, 33,009 Ram Pickups sold, which works out the one Ram Pickup being sold every 81 seconds in August.

The Honda CR-V holds the sixth spot on the list with one being sold, on average, every 77 seconds last month. Being bought every 69 seconds in August, the Honda Accord is the fifth fastest selling car in the US. A third Honda, the Civic, comes in fourth by being sold every 68 seconds.

The Chevy Silverado pickup is sold every 61 seconds, while the Toyota Camry goes every 60. Finally, the fastest selling car or light truck in the US is the Ford S-Series pickup truck. One sold every 38 seconds in America this August.