Has your Chevy Volt’s Delayed Charging Failed? Here’s the Reason Why.

Though successive models of the Chevrolet Volt have improved since the first one was produced a few years back, the vehicle continues to suffer from some very basic problems. One of which is that its delayed-charge setting when plugged into a Coulomb 240-volt wall charging station fails to charge the vehicle a good percentage of the time.

This of course is a terrible thing to discover when one is trying to go to work in the morning.

One Volt fanatic living in, surprise, Davis, California was upset that his Volt kept failing to charge, so he got the Volt folks and the Coulomb folks to look into the matter. He learned, it turns out, that the charger sometimes miss communicates with the Volt when the vehicle is set in delayed-charge mode. This seems to be a problem that the charger only has with the Volt and not with, for example, the Nissan leaf.

There is good news. The Coulomb people can correct this problem. If you have a Volt that is failing to charge on a Coulomb charger, contact your local Coulomb charger to get the problem fixed. And next time, stick to gas-powered cars.