Electric Fueling Stations Quickly Spreading

The United States is now home to nearly 10,000 public electric-vehicle charging stations according to the Department of Energy.

Industry observers say that the rate of the spread of these electric charging stations is one of the fastest in the history of fueling stations in the nation whether they be they gasoline, diesel or ethanol. However, as always when looking at claims made by governmental agencies, one has to drill down, pardon me the pun, to find out exactly what the facts are. For reasons that are unclear, the DOE decided to count each individual cable as a separate charging station, although it does not count the individual pumps at a gas station as individual gas stations.

Also, those who are looking at 10,000 charging stations as a motivation to purchase an electric vehicle need to keep in mind that it requires more than the 10 minutes it takes to refuel a gas-fueled vehicle to recharge a battery-driven vehicle. In fact, a common public 240-volt station can only give about 10 miles’ worth of energy per hour of charging.